The Best Way to Protect Your REO Investment

It is no secret that the number of foreclosures has increased since Covid developments in 2020, but few people know how large a role a property preservation company plays in the process. After a bank seizes possession of a home, they become responsible for keeping the property in top shape. They are also responsible for

Fannie and Freddie to make record high contributions to housing trust funds

WASHINGTON — Federal Housing Finance Agency Director Mark Calabria has authorized Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to contribute a total of $502.2 million to the National Housing Trust Fund and the Capital Magnet Fund — the largest contributions the government-sponsored enterprises will make to the funds to date. Since 2015, Fannie and Freddie have transferred

Mortgage industry prepares to weather the coronavirus

While interest rates that have moved lower because of the coronavirus have boosted loan volumes to date, there are fears that a possible spread of COVID-19 could later slow mortgage originations. The industry is benefiting from the increase in refinance volume, but now that the disease has spread well beyond the borders of China, businesses could have their

Important Aspects of Property Inspections

Purchasing a new home is one of the single largest investments that most individuals ever make. It is a must that an individual is informed and educated well in advance about the property that he/she is going to purchase. This can be made possible only by getting the inspection of the property done by a

12 most affordable housing markets for first-time homebuyers

The barriers to homeownership begin with a lack of affordability, mostly stemming from the dearth of starter level houses. Because of this, the rate of first-time homebuyers lags repeat purchasers. However, some markets offer more opportunity for median-income consumers to purchase a property in their price range. “While expensive markets like San Francisco, Los Angeles and Boston are attractive

Property Asset Management: Property Investment Strategy Part 1

Every real estate investment’s performance is composed of a mix of equity-like and debt-like behaviors. From a Property Asset Management standpoint, investment funding is composed of both private and public equity. It is the correlation of the debt and equity components to the funding source that enables us to define the four primary real estate

Where to Find Fannie Mae Foreclosure Mortgages

You can find information about Fannie Mae foreclosure mortgages at a multitude of places. Fannie Mae partners with various lenders, all with a good reputation and ones that do not practice predatory lending practices. A list of Fannie Mae foreclosure properties can be obtained from many banks, real estate agents, and county government offices. As

Winter Home Maintenance

Depending on where you are, the winter months can be quite cold. Taking the time to do some work around the home ahead of time or before it gets too cold can make all the difference in the world, especially when it can help prevent water damage. What’s great is that the majority of these

Tips on how to winterize your lawn sprinkler system

Each winter your irrigation system will need to be “winterized” to prevent the water lines from freezing and cracking. This involves blowing out the system with compressed air and turning the main valve off to prevent water from flowing back into the system and freezing. Winterizing your lawn sprinkler system is very simple but has to be

Fixing Your Windows for the Winter

Now that the cold weather is just around the corner it is time to start thinking what you can do to save some money on your utilities and lower that energy bill. One solution would be residential glass replacement, but if you can’t afford new windows right now you should at least go for window repair

Winterizing a Vacant Home

If you plan to leave a house vacant for winter, it’s important to make sure your home is ready.Give your home a once-over and tend to winter preparation tasks and repairs before the year’s first frost. Having the exterior of the home ready for the cold winds, snow and ice is critical for keeping Old

Why Property Preservation Services are so Important

Preparations on a property can be tedious and tiresome, we like to think of property preservation as a property condition, maintaining it as a sellable product. That is why our property preservation services are vital–we provide the preservation, maintenance, and repair activities needed to allow you to sell you properties faster, at top dollar. Winterization