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If you would like to become an approved Leading Edge Companies REO Partner as a vendor or real estate professional, please fill out the application below.

    REO Partner Application

    Have you previously worked for Leading Edge Companies, LLC?

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    Do you acknowledge and understand that if you are retained by Leading Edge Companies, LLC you will be working as an independent vendor?Note: The completion of this application shall not be construed as creating an employee/employer relationship between you, your company or your employees and Leading Edge Companies, LLC and its affiliates; that it is the intent of the parties that every vendor/contractor performing work for Leading Edge Companies, LLC be and remain an independent vendor/contractor and not employees of Leading Edge Companies, LLC; and that no vendor has the right to receive work from Leading Edge Companies, LLC; and that work shall be awarded based on performance which is determined on an individual basis.

    Have you or your company ever been barred from completing HUD work?

    If yes, please explain

    Do you understand that if work is not completed according to guidelines, Leading Edge Companies, LLC will correct your invoice to guidelines.

    Property Preservation

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    Vendor BPO's and Appraisals

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    I am interested in using the Internet in conjunction with Leading Edge Companies, LLC work (receiving work requests, inspections, and/or sending results, photos, etc.)


    Areas Covered:
    Please list the areas (Zip Code Range, Counties, Cities) that you work in: Example: 48248-48300, 48089, 48045

    Additional Information
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    For additional information send an email to:

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